2015 TV on DVD & Blu-ray Gift Guide

Black Friday is only a few days away, and holiday shoppers are about to go on their annual descent into madness. But if you’re shopping for someone who loves TV shows, you don’t actually have to leave home at all! Some of the best deals on DVD and Blu-rays can be found online this week and next.

It’s true that DVD and Blu-ray sales have been on a downward slump that may never reclaim the heights that they once enjoyed. Streaming services, on-demand, and (let’s face it) piracy have changed the game. TV on home video is no longer as essential as it used to be. Some people even prefer going fully digital. However, this gift guide is not for them. This list was made for people who love having the physical media in their hands and in their players. Streaming services can drop TV shows with little warning, but if you take care of your discs, then you’ll have them ready to watch for years to come.

The other joy that comes with TV on DVD and Blu-ray are the extras that digital just can’t replicate. For example, collectible displays, and limited edition books, statutes or action figures can add aesthetic value to your collection. Admit it, it’s fun to show off the best looking box sets on your shelves. DVDs and Blu-rays are also an ideal way to binge a TV show without worrying about internet access. Someday, digital may conquer all aspects of television home video, but that day is not today!

Ahead of the holiday crush, CraveOnline has put together a list of our TV DVD and Blu-ray picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Keep in mind, your taste in television may differ. That said, you’re invited to leave your TV on DVD and Blu-ray picks in the comment section below!

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