Listen: Prodigy Unveil Brand New Track ‘AWOL (Strike One)’


Prodigy have released a new track, titled ‘AWOL (Strike One)’, taken from their EP The Night Is My Friend. Do you know what that means?

It means that they’ll be playing at some little-known festival at some point in 2016, probably in Milton Keynes or another city with a name that gives you the impression that it’s a perennially grey wasteland of excitement.

It means that you’ll stand in the crowd alongside a bunch of 20-year-olds wearing bucket hats, a fashion choice that seems unimaginable to you, but then you remember that one time you actually wore rosary beads on a night out so you concede that you’ll live and let live.

It means that one such 20-year-old in a bucket hat will bump into you and ask you if you’ve got any pills, to which you’ll either respond “no” if you haven’t got any, or “no” if you have got some; his eyes will be sunken and his jaw will be locked in a position you would otherwise deem impossible.

It means that when Prodigy come to the stage and play ‘Omen,’ you’ll lose your friends in an almighty collision of bodies, and you’ll find yourself nearly become embroiled in fights with groups of young men who are listening to live music for the first time and cannot go five minutes without starting an overly aggressive mosh-pit near the portable toilets.

It means that when you eventually find your friends an hour later, Steven will have dropped into the K-hole and forgotten how his legs work, or even if he has any. You’ll tell him that he does have legs, but he won’t believe you. Steven was the designated driver.

It means that when Prodigy play this track, no one will know it because it’s from an EP and no one cares about EPs, but it sounds more-or-less like everything else Prodigy have done post-Invaders Must Die, so people will aimlessly flail around to it anyway.

It means that you’ll see the Prodigy up on that stage, and Keith Flint with his two fluffs of hair poking out of an increasingly wrinkled head, and be forced to consider the inevitability of time, and how one day you could be Keith Flint, still refusing to get a sensible haircut at age 105.

Listen to the track below:


Photo: Getty Images