The Kid From ‘Baywatch’ Stabbed A Dude

Jeremy Jackson


Remember that show Baywatch? I don’t remember the show having dudes in it. Anyway, Jeremy Jackson played Hasselhoff’s kid, and he stabbed a guy with a clown tattoo on his face on Saturday.

Former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson was arrested for stabbing a man, but he says it was self defense in the midst of a wild party.  Jeremy was jailed Saturday, after cops nabbed him for allegedly burglarizing an Airbnb. Police say during the arrest they realized he fit the profile of a man who stabbed a guy the day before. Jeremy tells TMZ, he rented an Airbnb and threw a party with some women. During the shindig, he says a guy showed up, beat him up and robbed him to the tune of $2,300. This is where it gets bizarre. Jeremy says one of the women said she knew a guy who could help him get the money back, so Jeremy told her to get him over STAT. He says the guy showed up but then turned on him and tried robbing him as well.  Jeremy says the guy pulled a gun, and in self defense he pulled a buck knife from his jeans and stabbed the guy in the stomach area and arms. The guy dropped the gun and ran.  Jeremy identifies the guy as a Canoga Park gangbanger with a clown tattoo on his face.

I really didn’t understand anything in this story, especially they part where he “pulled a buck knife from his jeans and stabbed” the guy who had a gun pointed at him. Was it one of those cartoon guns where a flag shoot out that says “BANG!”? And why are you caring a buck knife in Hollywood? What are you hunting, a parking spot in front of Coffee Bean? I don’t get it.