George Zimmerman Is Just Driving Around Texas With A Gun Now. Cool.

George Zimmerman


Fresh off being acquitted of murder because he couldn't finish a fight he started with a teenager unless he had a gun, George Zimmerman is now just basically driving around the country with a gun now that his neighborhood is free from dangerous black youth armed with the street weapon simply known to law enforcement as "Skittles". My, that's  comforting. Dallas News reports:

Police stopped Zimmerman on Sunday as he drove in his 2008 Honda pickup west on U.S. Highway 80 near FM548. A police dashcam video released Wednesday shows an officer speaking with Zimmerman after pulling him over. The officer, who was not identified, asked Zimmerman, “Where you headed this weekend?” After an unintelligible response, the officer asked, “Nowhere in particular? Why you say that?” (Hey, it's Todd. Fox conveniently left that part out) “You didn’t see my name?” Zimmerman replied. “Nuh-uh,” the officer said. “What a coincidence!” the officer then said. After an unintelligible response from Zimmerman, the officer said: “Just take it easy. Go ahead and shut your glove compartment. Don’t play with your firearm.” The officer ran Zimmerman’s license, which showed no warrants. He gave Zimmerman a verbal warning.
My initial response to this was, "Uh, he's in Texas. Why is parade float going so fast?". But then I found out he was just driving around aimlessly on a "road trip". You know, with a gun. Because you never know when some sociopathic vigilanted might decide to take the law into their own hands. I wonder if George Zimmerman is wearing hockey pads now. Batman won't like that.