Shannon Price Is Diabolical

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I…I…really have no words for this.

TMZ has learned … Gary Coleman’s ex-wife is the mastermind behind the photos which show the actor in the hospital, bloodied, with tubes sticking out of his body … and there’s also a photo taken after he died. We’re told Shannon Price had a production company shoot the photos — it’s the same production company that did the interview with her hours after Gary died. Our sources say Shannon is featured in one of the photos. We’re told the photos are being shopped around for five-figures … and Shannon is set to get a cut of the profits.

And….somebody bought them. Awesome.

Just as we predicted, the pictures of Gary Coleman’s final moments among the living have been sold to a tabloid — but the photo taken after Gary died was not part of the deal … sources tell TMZ. Sources say three of the four photos — which Gary’s ex-wife Shannon Price orchestrated — may hit stands as early as this week. One of the photos that sold — Shannon posing next to a bedridden Gary who is riddled with tubes.

People have killed themselves for far less than what Gary Coleman had to deal with in his life, now he can’t even get a semblance of dignity in death. I’m completely against violence against women, but if she got beat with a pillow case full of cue balls then woke up in a zoo with animals infected with the rage virus, I think I’d feel pretty good about it.

Note: The banner pic is of Sophia Bush and her hot little ass, because have you seen Shannon Price? You have? So….