United Airlines Staff And Passengers Argue Over Carry-On Bag That Clearly Fits In Measuring Rack

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We’ve said this before but we think it’s important we repeat it: if you’re thinking of flying out for any reason at all, make sure you stay away from United Airlines. If that’s the only airline you can afford, it’s probably best to just swim to wherever you want to go.

Natalia Rutkowski and her mom Anna were recently checking in for a flight from Chicago to New Jersey when a verbal argument over Anna’s carry-on bag erupted. United Airlines staff told Natalia and Anna that the carry-on was too big, even though video shows that the bag fits perfectly into the baggage rack. This is obviously important because United Airlines (and most airlines) have a check-bag fee for some unholy reason.

Take a look at the absurd reasoning that staff give Natalia and Anna. The incident occurred at O’Hare International Airport.

“I had already checked my bag and was helping my mom to check in on the computer when a prompt on the screen said a United staff member had to swipe,” Natalia explained. Natalia added this:

“At first, an old woman said, ‘No, she is not allowed to take her bag onto the plane.’ It was a certain dimension that the bag had to fit, but the woman didn’t even allow us to put the bag into the personal item bin to show them that it fit inside. She was extremely rude. There was a lot of fuss. I was agitated and there were a lot of people starting to stare.

Then a man came over and shoved his badge in my face and took the bag out of the bin and then plopped it back in sideways so it purposely wouldn’t fit. I didn’t understand why were treated like that. It was so ridiculous. It was like saying a dog is a cat.

Finally the last person who came over and I put it in and it clearly fit perfectly and he was like, ‘Oh, yes, it does fit. I don’t understand why we have this issue.'”

Eventually, the mom and daughter were allowed to board, but now United Airlines has responded:

“The customer was allowed to carry on the personal item. We are following up with this customer and are reviewing this incident with our team internally to better understand what happened.”

Translation: we are massive idiots who continue to remind everyone why we are one of the worse airlines on the planet.

What do you think of this incident? Still fly with UA?

h/t Daily Mail

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