Would You Enjoy Driving A Jeep Up A Vertical Cliff?

Photo: Car Culture, Inc (Getty)

If you’re interested in my answer here it is: absolutely now.

But hey, that’s just me, so perhaps you wouldn’t have an issue getting inside of a jeep and driving it up a vertical cliff like 35-year-old Chuck Converse did. In the video below, shared on Chuck’s Instagram, a Jeep Wrangler drives up a rock face — a video that might freak you out if you’re scared of heights or just scared of dying in general.

The video has gone viral with over 650k views. Take a look at the crazy video below filmed in Sand Hollow State Park, Utah.

Would You Enjoy Driving A Jeep Up A Vertical Cliff?

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I just want to know why would anyone do this?

“I was definitely not scared, Chuck said. “I’ve done it several times, although it is tricky in the rain!”

Hey, good going, Chuck. I’m terrified of driving in New York City, which I assume is a greater risk than driving up a cliff.

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