Commuters Drag Unconscious Dude Off Subway Tracks In Rescue Video

Photo: JANIFEST (Getty)

If someone is completely knocked-out and lying on some subway tracks, I’d like to think people would help him and not think about filming the entire ordeal. Then again, if people didn’t film it I wouldn’t be writing this at the moment. So kudos to the lady who decided to whip out her camera phone when she noticed an unconscious man on the subway tracks.

The incident occurred on the Avenue H station platform in Brooklyn and shows commuters trying to wake up a man who is unconscious on the snowy subway tracks. “Sir, please, wake up! Sir? Sir, wake up!” commuters yell, to no avail.

Thankfully, commuters did everything in their power to stop the oncoming Q train so they could rescue the man. Check out the dramatic video below filmed vertically for some ungodly reason.

The woman who filmed this, Liliana Vincente, said she was panicking. “I thought the train was going over him, I started crying,” Vicente told WABC. “I was so scared.”

The unknown man was later taken to the hospital in serious condition, but there is no word yet as to what caused him to go unconscious.

h/t ABC News

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