‘Get Out’ Placed In ‘Best Comedy Or Musical’ By Golden Globes And People Are Baffled

Photo: Universal Pictures

Get Out, the Jordan Peele-directed box office and critical success film about racism will be placed in the “Best Comedy or Musical” category at the Golden Globes and everyone is trying to figure out why in the hell this is. While this film has its funny moments, it’s clearly a horror movie that is filled with commentary about interracial dating so it’s a tad bizarre that it’s been placed in this category.

And it looks like the internet was trying to figure all this out. Just check out some of the reactions below:

But what does Peele himself say about all this?

What do you all think?

Nominations for the 75th Golden Globe Awards will be announced Monday, Dec. 11, with the awards show being aired on Jan. 7.

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