Save Your Credits: Star Wars Battlefront II In-Game Prices Expected to Drop After Early Access

With Star Wars Battlefront II finally out in the wild on PC and Xbox One, via early access granted by EA Access and Origin Access, players can now experience the game’s post-beta changes.

Following the controversy surrounding Battlefront II‘s loot boxes and microtransactions systems, and EA’s assurance that this would all be improved for launch, players have been especially focused on analysing the changes made to in-game and premium currencies.

So what have they found? Well, it seems that early access players are earning Credits at an alarmingly fast rate.

@SWBFUpdates expressed his confusion on Twitter:

This doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, the rate at which players earn Credits isn’t the only thing that has increased. In earlier builds of the game, Darth Vader was spotted priced at 10,000 Credits. In the early access release, his cost has jumped up to 60,000!

User Sciencedenton on Reddit made the following point:

Right now, many of the buyable things (heroes, crates, etc) are very overpriced. For instance, Vader is 60k. However, there are some conflicting reports that these prices are only temporarily high to keep people from getting too ahead of the competition during the Trial period, and that they will come down to reasonable prices at full release (Vader down to 10k, for instance).

With all the confusion, the safest thing to do is DON’T SPEND ANYTHING DURING THE TRIAL. It’s entirely possible that all of the prices on items will come significantly down on release, at which point anyone who bought something during the trial will have wasted their in-game money.

The main problem here is the uncertainty which players now have. Should they hoard their Credits and wait for prices to drop again? Or are they safe to spend big on these super-expensive heroes?

Perhaps EA will provide the answer! (And I’ll update the post to reflect it!)