Star Wars Battlefront II Update Goes Live Tomorrow, Here’s What to Expect

Things have been a little quiet on the Star Wars Battlefront II post-launch development front. Following the temporary removal of the game’s microtransactions, developer DICE hasn’t had much to say about what’s next for the game. That is, until now!

Following a Twitter spree of fan questions and answers from the game’s design director, DICE community manager Mat Everett offered some details about an upcoming patch.

Just wanted to provide a quick update on the upcoming happenings as we have seen a flurry of tweets from Dennis becoming the ‘Yes’ man in the last few hours. We have a patch incoming; it’s going to address more than a handful of items and misc. bug fixes. This patch is in the approval stage and should arrive soon pending those approvals.

As a small peek at what you should expect:

– Hero tweaks

– Wookie Warriors tweaked

– Trooper tweaks (Specialist, Heavy, and Officer)

– Weapon tweaks

– Bug fixes

and a lot more…

This update, called “1.1,” will be rolled out across all platforms tomorrow. Downtime will last for roughly 30-45 minutes.

On Tuesday, the 16th of January, Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 1.1 will go live across all regions and platforms. This update is both a client and server update. We expect roughly 30-45min of downtime per platform as the update rolls out across servers.

January 16th, 2018

Scheduled Patch:

PC: 8:00 UTC /12:00 AM PT

PS4: 9:00 UTC /1:00 AM PT

X1: 10:00 UTC /2:00 AM PT

Patch notes will be posted once the update is verified live. We thank you ahead of time for your patience.

It’s almost time to see what DICE has been quietly working on!