Tough To Enter Your Home When An 8-Foot Alligator Is At The Front Door

Screenshot: Facebook/Eddie Bruce

Sometimes an alligator is caught strolling across a golf course with a massive fish in his mouth, and sometimes an alligator is caught jumping into a couple’s boat while they are live-streaming. And sometimes an alligator decides to leave his home and head to the front door of a resident’s home. And that’s exactly what happened recently in Louisiana, and of course it was caught on film.

Eddie Bruce was able to capture footage of what he believes was an 8-foot long alligator making his way across his neighbor’s front lawn only to decide to settle down in front of their front door.

“Caught trespassing in Breaux Bridge,” Bruce wrote on Facebook. “8-foot. I believe his name is George.”

Let’s take a look at George thanks to Bruce’s Facebook.

But have no fear, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was called to take care of things. The department said that alligator likely wandered out from a local ravine in search of a partner for mating season. Ha, alligators, they’re just like us.

The gator was caught and removed from the area and returned to his home. Check out the video below if you’re interested in seeing George being removed.

Well, I’m just glad the only thing I have to worry about in NYC is a rat blocking my front door. Well, that or a murderer.

h/t UPI

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