Man Completely Mauled By Bear After Taunting It, Somehow Isn’t Dead

Screenshot: Viral Press

Let this be a lesson to all of you: please don’t mock any animal, especially one that can completely tear you apart.

Someone happened to be filming the scary moment a dude was pulled into a bear enclosure after taunting a bear. The incident occurred at a temple in rural Phetchabun province, Thailand, and involves a 36-year-old man named Naiphum Promratee. Naiphum thought it would be a brilliant idea to tease a bear by hanging a bowl of rice over its head. Bad idea, Naiphum.

This pissed off the bear enough to stand up, grab Naiphum and drag him into his “lair” and begin biting chunks off him. The graphic video shows people trying their best to get the bear away from the man, as they hit the bear with cold water and with a pole. It doesn’t work.

Check out the very graphic video below. Again, this video shows a bloody man and it’s intense. Watch at your own risk (you’re going to watch it anyway).

Eventually one brave guy distracted the bear with a stick long enough for friends to rescue Naiphum. Oh, and after all that Naiphum is alive.

Here’s what Bpae Permpoonsap from the Khon Khao Koo Pai rescue service, had to say:

“We received a report today of a bear attack at 11.10am. The bear was among other creatures being raised by monks at the temple. The man had gone to the temple with four or five friends and he was toying with the bear. It pulled him in and attacked him. We arrived and found the man injured seriously. He had been with his friends and wanted to feed the animals.

He was lucky to survive and he is in hospital now and able to talk.”

Something tells me this dude won’t ever tease a bear again. Yeah, that’s just a guess on my part.

h/t Daily Mail

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