Exclusive | ‘Ghost Money’ # 1 Preview & Trailer

In the future, money may still be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

That’s the idea behind Ghost Money, the new ten issue comic book series by writer Thierry Smolderen and artist Dominique Bertail. The Magnetic Press and Lion Forge are premiering the series this summer, and its premise seems to be very timely. The story is set in 2020, as a rogue team of military veterans attempt to chase down an illicit fortune that was raised for terrorists in the wake of 9/11.

No one knows just how large this fortune is, but it’s believed to be big enough to shake the pillars of the global economy. One woman soon finds herself the target of this team, but she may be more than they can handle. She is a billionaire who actually has the means to fight back and defend herself. And if she is malevolent, then the fortune at her disposal may even help her destroy the world.

Today, CraveOnline is exclusively premiering the trailer for Ghost Money #1 and some of Bertail’s preview pages. When the story flashes back to the past, it follows the downward spiral of an apparent treasurer for Al Qaeda. But not even the truth will be enough to save his life.

GHOST MONEY – series trailer from Neurobellum on Vimeo.

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Here’s the description from The Magnetic Collection via Lion Forge:

A stark, frightening, and exciting action thriller set in a near-future built from today’s international headlines! Mercenaries and intelligence agencies race to find a fabled Al-Qaeda fortune amassed from stock manipulation surrounding 9/11, one so big it could destabilize the entire global economy. At the center of their hunt is a sole heiress and her newfound friend.

Ghost Money # 1 will launch in August.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Lion Forge