Exclusive Preview | Robbie Reyes: Ghost Rider # 3

Robbie Reyes may be the Ghost Rider of the MCU and the Marvel Universe. But he’s still doing things like making new friends, and destroying evil as an instrument of vengeance…like you do. Take for example, the Totally Awesome Hulk, a.k.a. Amadeus Cho. We’re sure that Robbie and Amadeus will get along…right after they stop trying to kill each other.

Amadeus has actually been getting closer to X-23, the young woman who is the all-new Wolverine, as they attempted to track down a creature of unknown origin. Unfortunately for them, their battle has put them in the path of the Ghost Rider, and he’s not in the mood to play nice!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Ghost Rider # 3, you’ll see that Robbie and his car are tag teaming the Hulk. But even Robbie’s run of luck will end eventually. Robbie’s Rider may be resilient, but even he can’t take that kind of punishment without paying the price.

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For this issue, writer Felipe Smith has been joined by artist Danilo Beyruth. Here’s Marvel Comics’ solicitation text for the issue.

SIBLING RIVALS! Newly minted big sister Laura Kinney goes toe-to-toe with Tumblr’s favorite big brother, Robbie Reyes! Plus: Gabe versus Gabby! Hey, uh, is anybody gonna stop the giant purple alien rampaging through southern California?

Robbie Reyes: Ghost Rider # 3 will be released on Wednesday, January 25 in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Marvel Comics