Crazy Video Shows Tornado Destroy Barn In Wyoming

Photo: Facebook/Weather Nation

Folks in Wyoming had to deal with a series of tornadoes on Monday, as the storms left behind destruction and a bunch of folks who now have to rebuild. And one of these tornadoes that passed through Laramie County was captured on video — and let’s just say that it’s quite scary to watch and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this.

The video, shared by Weather Nation on their Facebook, shows a barn standing tall before a tornado rips through it, destroying it and leaving it in pieces. Check out the video below.

While the barn was demolished by the tornado, fortunately no one was injured. Hell, even through there were a series of tornadoes that touched down on Wyoming no one lost their life, which is incredible.

According to National Weather Service intern meteorologist Brandy Bourque, here’s how the series of tornadoes came about:

“There was all the right conditions for it,”Bourque said. “We have moisture in the area. We had good instability for the storms to be able to grow on, then having the strong winds associated with the cold front is causing shear — which is helping these storms to rotate.”

Well, I think the owners of that barn probably reacted this way:

h/t NY Daily News

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