Could Bryce Harper Soon Be Joining The Chicago Cubs?

Peter Gammons is a hall-of-fame sports writer and reporter for ESPN, a living legend. Everything he says is substantiated. If he says eating socks for breakfast is good for your health, start toasting your tubes now. It will probably end up curing cancer. And if he says Bryce Harper wants to play for the Chicago Cubs, crack open another PBR. The Cubs are about to win another World Series in 2019.

While on the Mully and Hanley morning show in Chicago recently, Gammons was talking about Bryce Harper and his upcoming free agency when he magically slipped in that the 2015 National League MVP would prefer to play for the Chicago Cubs.

Of course Cubs fans lost their minds.

Here’s the audio

And here’s just one rendering Cubs fans have created already.

The Cubs are already stacked with All-Stars following a 2016 World Series winning team that could easily be looked at as one of the best assembled teams so far this century. Adding Harper could make them ridiculously scary, an MLB version of the Golden State Warriors.

Of course Harper doesn’t hit free agency until the end of next season, so a lot could change in the next year and a half. Not to mention the following:

The Nationals are currently in first place and, just like the Cubs,  could make a run for the World Series title now.

Having both Harper and 2016 MVP Kris Bryant on the same team may not be feasible money-wise. Bryant is on team-control through 2021 but could demand another mega-contract if he continues his blistering numbers. Harper’s agent is rumored to be wanting a $400 million deal.

But hey, Cubs fans can always dream. It finally worked in 2016.

Harper is mashing a .328 average with 15 home runs and 43 RBI for the Nats so far his season.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

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