The Brief But Brilliantly Irreplaceable Life of James Dean

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There are precious little when it comes to irreplaceable famous actors, much like the iconic Paul Newman, the Godfather himself Marlon Brando, and, of course, the rebel of all rebels, Mr. James Dean. With movies like Cool Hand Luke turning 50 this year and Superman going on 40, it got us thinking about just how long James Dean has been gone (1955 is a long time).

While the man didn’t have the most prolific career, he did have one of the most impressive ones considering how young he was when he split and how little he actually acted. Of the three movies he did make, the first two he garnered Best Actor nominations, and the third became one of the most iconic movies of its time that still gets plenty of references today. Dean made a name for himself with street racing outside of acting, despite Hollywood’s strict hand. Even his car, the “little bastard” was a rebel of its own kind, a rare Porsche 550 he cherished and eventually drove to his end.

Join us while we celebrate the movies, life and rebel ways of one of the most irreplaceable actors of human history as we celebrate the brief but brilliant times of James Dean,

The Brief But Brilliantly Irreplaceable Life of James Dean

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