This Guy’s Waiting in Line for a Month to Get the Nintendo Switch

You may be excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, but are you so excited that you’d wait a literal month in line in order to be the first person to get your hands on one?

That’s exactly what CaptainNintendoDude, real name Alex, is doing in New York’s Nintendo store right now. Alex is waiting alongside Triforce Johnson, the man who holds the Guinness World Record for having attended the most console launches. Johnson was on the front line for the launch of the Wii U and the 3DS, and he’s joining Alex in his new mission.

Alex flew out to New York especially for the Switch’s launch, with the New York Nintendo store being the first place US gamers can get their hands on the system. Alex will be waiting in line from February 3 to its launch date, and will be documenting his experience in daily vlogs.

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It’s uncertain how Alex plans to go about waiting outside the store for a month, but from the looks of things he’s essentially decided to make himself homeless until the Switch launches. We’ve heard of people waiting in line for a week in anticipation of a new product launch, but this definitely takes the cake.

Check out Alex’s first day in line below: