Dean Malenko Reflects On His ‘Ladies Man’ Gimmick, Talks Leaning Towards Sports-Based Presentation With AEW

Dean Malenko spoke with the press at Starrcast in Chicago and talked about one of the things not discussed during his panel appearance, his infamous ‘Ladies Man’ gimmick in WWE. Towards the end of his in-ring career, Malenko got a James Bond-like gimmick after The Godfather offered him some of his escorts in order to get out of a match with him. Malenko says he doesn’t remember how it actually came up, but he ultimately had fun making the best out of it.

“I don’t know how it came to be, I think it was just a joke that kept on running.” Malenko said. “It was fun for me though because it was something that allowed me to step out of my character. With that stuff, we had a blast, and it was Matt and Jeff. Something different that I hadn’t done before, so I took it as a challenge and made it the best I could have been.”

When asked about how excited he is to dive into the more sports-based presentation of AEW, Malenko said it’s more up his alley and he’s looking forward to working with up-and-coming talent on the roster.

“Well, I think it’s closer to what I do and what I’m known for. I love challenges to put in front of me and that feels like a fresh start after so many years, being 59 years old.” Malenko said. “It gives me the opportunity to work with a whole new crew of guys who are really hungry to make a name for themselves and be a part of history.”

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