Chris Jericho Issues Statement On Stolen AEW Belt, Calls Out The ‘Lowlife Scumbag’

Chris Jericho is searching for his All Elite Wrestling Championship and he’s launching a “worldwide investigation.”

“Hi, I’m AEW Champion Chris Jericho,” said the champ. “Unfortunately less than 24 hours after becoming the first AEW Champion with blood streaming down my face after one of the toughest matches of my life, some lowlife scumbag committed grand larceny and robbed me of the AEW Championship. Now as I sit here … ready to have a little bit of the bubbly, I’m just imagining what I’d do to that son of a bitch if he was here right now. As a result, I am launching a worldwide investigation using the best investigators in the world to find out who committed this crime and trust me as the AEW Champion, I promise to regain and restore … the AEW Championship. Once again I will give you another reason to give me the thank you I deserve. You’re welcome.”

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