Dean Malenko On Chris Jericho’s Longevity In Wrestling, Feels Storytelling Made Shawn Spears A ‘Star All Of The Sudden’

Dean Malenko spoke with the press at Starrcast in Chicago and talked about Chris Jericho’s success in professional wrestling and why the (now) inaugural AEW World Champion has had longevity and stayed at the top of the sport this far into his career.

“Chris is a go-getter. He’s involved with so many things, he’s got his hands in everything from writing books to Fozzy to the podcast.” Malenko said. “He keeps himself young by constantly keeping himself active and moving all the time. Chris always loves what he does. Chris’s biggest thing, and I think the biggest part of his success, is that he reinvents himself. He reinvents himself at the right time, at the right moment, and he understands the audience and what they want. I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s still around today.”

Malenko also talked about the build to some of the matches at All Out, and was asked what he thought about what we’ve seen out of Cody so far. Malenko said we’ve seen some great storytelling so far with everything on air and on social media so far.

“The whole story, the whole build with Shawn Spears—there’s a guy that wasn’t done with much where he just came from and I feel he’s a star all of a sudden. I can’t wait to get to TV and keep more of that going.”

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