2016 Summer Power Tools Gift Guide

It’s become a stand-up punch line over the years, but guys like power tools. There are multiple reasons why. On the practical side, they’re labor saving devices. They save time. They make the end result of work more refined than that of ye olde’ muscle driven tools.

Still, let’s not kid ourselves. Men like power tools for the first half of that compound term. It’s the power that makes the attractive — the masculine satisfaction of enforcing a man’s creative will onto inanimate objects that can only offer the resistance of their tensile strength.

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Noting this popularity, power tools make an absolute slam-dunk, gold star choice for summer gift giving. The warm weather months across America make a perfect time to get special projects done. Nothing makes taking on extra labor more appealing than knowing you’re going to open a shiny new power tool before settling into work.

Below you’ll find a summer gift guide featuring new power tool options from multiple manufacturers that we tested and certified. Some of the tools here are intended for more occasional home use, while others buck up for more heavy duty for men who make their living with their power tools. You should find something that’ll fit your needs somewhere in the mix — whether your shopping for someone else or sensibly giving yourself something fun.


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