All About M.E. | Finding Your Perfect Pair of Ray-Bans

Original Wayfarer Bicolor Sunglasses with Blue Flash Lenses by Ray-Ban, $175.

From coast to coast, summer is nearly in full swing with warm nights and hot days. As temperatures rise, people are stripping down to their bare essentials. Use this summer to focus on key accessories and invest in a pair of iconic Ray-Bans. To find a pair of Ray-Bans that match your style, all you need is a little inspiration from celebrity style icons like Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and Bruno Mars.

Risky Business made history with Tom Cruise sporting the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, danced in his underwear and running a brothel. His effortlessly cool style was paired perfectly with glasses that had a simple and clean design.

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Ray-Ban aviators also offer a simple design with it teardrop shape and delicate frame. Hailing from WWII pilots, all-American celebrities like Robert Redford have sported these sunglasses throughout the decades. All though launched in 1986, the 1950s inspired Ray-Ban Clubmaster has offered a balance between retro and hipster. It’s heavy browline and wire rims feature a timeless look that can be seen on trendsetters like Bruno Mars.

So make the best of the summer heat by wearing a pair of sunglasses that will help distract onlookers from the sweat dripping down your back.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Ray-Bans: