5 Things You Have to Do For The Best Summer Ever

Is it just us, or has this winter seemed to go on and on? If you’re counting the days to summer 2016 and looking for some inspiring things to do, check out these 5 ideas guaranteed to let you create the best summer ever.

Go somewhere alone.

Solo travel means you only have to worry about one person: you, and that might be exactly what you need to detox your life this summer. Rather than coordinating schedules with different people, you can be flexible with your flight times, buy those last-chance-one-seat tour offers, and take advantage of one-bed specials at hostels and make your vacation exactly what you want it to be. Traveler’s tip: sign up for “single supplement waived” Google alerts for some free adventures.

Take a mental health day.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yes, they do count as sick days at work. Call in sick, spend the day doing anything you want and have zero regrets. Seriously, your mind will thank you.

Be a tourist in your own city.

You always visit museums, national parks and trendy restaurants when we’re on vacation, but rarely in our hometown! This summer, spend a day (or a weekend!) being a tourist in your own city, checking out all of the spots you always say you’re going to go, but never actually do.

Take a “digital sabbatical.”

Spend a few days completely tuned out of the digital space. That means no surfing the web, checking email, updating Facebook or wasting time on YouTube. Instead, spend that time enjoying the sun, taking a hike or visiting a friend or loved one.

Go to the beach.

Even if it’s “too far.” Even if the beach is on a lake or a river or a bay. Even if it takes you 4 hours to get there. Just go. Be by the water. Enjoy the sun. Take a picture of your feet in the sand and post it shamelessly across all your social platforms. It’s fine. It’s summer.

Photos by Liz Biscevic.


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