Spotlight | Parks Project Gives Back to our National Forests

Parks Project is the type of brand we can definitely get behind. The line up of goods completely appeals to the clean but cheeky style aesthetic we love, but things get better (and far more interesting) when you find out that this lifestyle brand is dedicated to conserving the great outdoors and giving back to our national parks. 

If you haven’t noticed quite yet, summer is right around the corner. Those of us who don’t cold-weather camp are dusting off our gear and getting ready to eat, hike and sleep in the closest forest we can find, making a new home away from home, even if only for the weekend. But these beautiful landscapes will only stay that way if we invest in their conservation. 
Enter Parks Project. This clothing company represents multi-tasking in the best way possible. Super cushy soft goods are designed with an aesthetic that we assure will appeal to everyone from the tree-hugging hippie to the hipster design aficionado, from the supporter of well-curated cheeky graphics to the person who simply (respectfully) likes an American-made product. The consistent thread across these similar yet diverse audiences is that we all appreciate that this brand gives back
All images courtesy of Parks Project. 


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