Festival Style | The Best Of 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Fashion

Photo: Santiago Felipe (Getty Images).

Surpassing even its own expectations, the 15th Tribeca Film Festival was not just about film this year, as it added digital platforms, virtual reality and interactive installations at Spring Studios, the creative hub of TFF’s events, parties and panels.

Thrilling attendees with affordable access to movies, documentaries, shorts and more, the streets were packed as celebrities, filmmakers, directors, producers and writers attended the breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, galas, juror meetings and interactive talks that were crammed in between the 77 premieres and movie openings scattered across lower Manhattan.

Running from April 13 to the 24th,  the dress code for the last two weeks covered the spectrum of “anything you want”, with comfort reigning supreme as the operative mode for running around the city. Though the festival’s co-founder, Robert De Niro, was rarely seen without his usual jeans and jacket look, other red carpet celebs and luminaries offered more refinement, with wardrobe inspiration ranging from upscale sizzle to downtown street funk.

The Best Of 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Fashion:



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