Spring Style | Retro Vibes

Back in the day, pattern was king and the leisure look was sought after. Not much has changed, though there are big differences between the attention-grabbing warm weather looks that exist now and those of the past. 

Due to progress in production capabilities and advancements in fabric construction, today’s designers are truly capable of creating anything they can conceivably imagine. And where the imagination lacks, functions in the Adobe creative suite of products lend a hand. <Pattern, Make.>

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Here, we check out throw-back looks that are undoubtedly inspired by the well-developed patterns and looks of the 70s, but (thankfully) widely available now and re-envisioned in contemporary fabrics with modern technologies. Boardshorts that Jack Tripper would envy but with 4-way stretch and advanced drying technology? Yes, please.

Spring Style | Retro Vibes:


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