Creative Collabs | Nixon x Star Wars

The best watch company in the galaxy just got a little bit better. Nixon officially teamed up with the intergalactic visionaries of Star Wars to bring the inspiration of our favorite characters to life. The creative direction runs deep with styles that nearly look like our friends from the movie, from integrating their head-to-toe looks (i.e. CP30 gold) to etching their likings right into the product.

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The Light Side Collection, parts I and II, feature products from the good guys and the bad. Some are literal renditions of the crew, like the Drum Backpack, which resembles a certain lovable android that you might, after a few beers, think has come to life in your apartment. Conversely, some of the watches in the line are so sleek and understated that no one may even know, when you’re wearing them, that the force is with you – whether that be the light side or the dark.

What we guarantee is when the understated details are noticed, these timepieces are guaranteed to be conversation starters. 

All images courtesy of Nixon.