Krispy Kreme Now Selling Donuts In A Jukebox

Mr. Kreme, or whoever else is the brains behind Krispy Kreme, has had a lucid dream about the 1950s and has taken the vision to the extreme.

Not only to do they have a new range of doughnuts inspired by the iconic tastes of the US, called American Classics, Krispy Kreme have come up with a 1950s jukebox-inspired doughnut box. These hybrid boxes come with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that carry with them exclusive Spotify playlists, including four original tracks.

The American Classics doughnuts themselves come in four different styles. There’s the Big Apple Pie, a doughnut or doughnut-thing that somehow combines an apple cinnamon filling with a biscuit lattice on the outside. Peanut Butter Jelly Time takes the best of both worlds – culinary and old school internet memes – and smooshes them into a doughnut, with the added addition of white chocolate truffle icing on top.

If you’re got a hankering for campfires, the Campfire S’Mores doughnut will probably do you: it has a marshmallow hidden inside it (hopefully it’s just not shoved in the hole). Finally, there’s the Coconut Cream Pie, tropical creation intended to evoke all those Hawaiian holiday memories.

Each new flavour in the range has an original theme song, written and recorded especially for it.

The doughnuts and their jukebox will only be hanging around for a limited time, and considering that the 1950s ended 56 years ago, you better get in quick.

Head here for details on how you can win one of the limited-edition jukeboxes, plus listen to the tracks by clicking through to four Spotify playlists.