Dapper Denim | Traditional Jeans Reinvented With Style & Substance

Simply because you can wear the same jeans every day, doesn’t mean you should. Yeah, we’re talking to you raw denim enthusiasts, too. While some jeans are meant to be worn daily, with all the advancements in super stylish, super comfortable denim, it would be a shame to just rock the same ones time and time again. 

New denim on the block has it all. Jogger styles offer a super relaxed fit comparable to sweatpants. With elastic at ankle and drawstrings at waist, these jeans have room for you to move. Try the Select Denim Beach Pant by Globe, or similar styles. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the skinny jeans have gotten skinnier. Try 11″ leg openings, as seen in Rag & Bone‘s Fit 1 Jean. 

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With the new fits, colors and super premium materials (100% cotton ready to be worn in on Stussy‘s USA Raw Denim), these new jeans will open up your day-to-day, head-to-toe looks with equally enjoyable yet better options.