Gawker Forced to Pay Hulk Hogan Another $25 Million in Damages

Hulkamania continues to run wild on Gawker Media, with the online publication being forced to pay out another $25 million on top of the $115 million they already owe Hulk Hogan, following their unlawful publication of a sex tape featuring the former WWE Superstar.

A Florida jury determined that Gawker had violated the privacy of Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, in a court ruling last Friday, ordering the media company to pay him $115 million for emotional stress and economical damage. Now Hogan has been awarded a further $25 in punitive damages, which will include $15 million directly from Gawker Media and $10 million from out of the pocket of owner Nick Denton. 

The sex tape in question featured Hogan having sex with former friend and radio personality Todd “Bubba The Love Sponge” Clem’s ex-wife, Heather Cole. The video was recorded without Hogan’s consent or knowledge, with the Florida court ruling in favor of Hogan’s legal team’s claims that it was not newsworthy, therefore invalidating Gawker’s right to post it.

After the judge’s ruling, Hogan told the press assembled outside the court: “I feel great. I’m really happy about everything that’s happened. I think we made history today because I think we protected a lot of people from maybe going through what I went through. So we’re very excited, very happy.” 

Denton has stated that Gawker intends to appeal the charges, with the hope of either reducing or reversing the amount of money they have been ordered to pay. 

Image Credit: Pool / Getty Images