All About M.E. | Long Sleeve Henleys

Waffle Henley in Silver Grey Chine by Lacoste, $67.99.

As winter transitions into spring, so does your wardrobe. Soon your cotton tees will replace your wool sweaters. The perfect hybrid between the two during this seasonal change are stylish long sleeve henleys.

This type of shirt can easily adapt to a variety of different weather. Throw it on top of a tee, layer it with a leather jacket in the cold mornings, or push up the sleeves in the sunny afternoons. With its buttoned collar, the long sleeve henley improves your style game effortlessly.

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Investing in cotton or lightweight knit materials gives you a variety of options for any day of the week. By choosing between patterns or solids, three buttons or more, you’ll be able to find a shirt that matches your style.  

Brands like Reiss, James Perse, and Faherty offer the quintessential long sleeve henley that every guy should have in his closet as snow days give way to afternoon showers.