No, You Can’t Unlock the iPhone 6 without a Passcode

A new YouTube video has started to do the rounds that has convinced people you can unlock your iPhone 6 without a passcode or thumbprint scan. However, like so many good things in life, it’s completely fake.

The video, posted by YouTube channel SocialStar, depicts a man accessing his iPhone 6 without entering a passcode by firstly asking Siri for the time, then accessing the device’s timer, then tapping ‘When Timer Ends’ and finally pressing ‘Buy More Tones.’ According to SocialStar, this series of instructions will take users to the App Store, with them then having gained access to the iPhone without them having to successfully navigate the security measures Apple has put in place.

However, while the YouTuber is technically telling the truth given that the iPhone 6 is able to be unlocked without entering a passcode using his method, the device is actually unlocked by him having utilized its thumbprint scanner. While SocialStar stubbornly defends the supposed “glitch” he’s uncovered, claiming that he hasn’t “added [his] finger to the iPhone yet” in the video’s comments section, if you’re one of the surprisingly many who have fallen for this trick then we’d suggest that you follow SocialStar’s instructions by pressing the home button with the thumb that you haven’t registered to your device’s Touch ID system. 

Check out the debunked video below:

Considering Apple is currently locking horns with the FBI after the government agency requested that they create an “iOS backdoor,” effectively allowing the authorities to bypass the security protocols Apple has put in place for its devices, we’re sure that the tech giant is happy that some guy from Rugby in the UK hasn’t actually managed to threaten the privacy of its customers.