Maison et Objet | Womb Designs Furnishings Of An Otherworldly Ambiance

Portuguese brand Womb has given birth to a collection inspired by natural phenomena. While earthy in its rendering, Womb projects an otherworldly sort of ambiance. A merger between a furniture and upholstery company, the resulting brainchild is a fusion of innovative design and artistic vision. At Maison et Objet, one sees their welcoming table Seronera literally rooted in a plot of red clay soil with a facade of vines and tree roots hung above. Inspired by the Acacia Seronera trees in the Serengeti, the table comes in a black glossy varnish with a brass metallic structure.

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Designers are not called designers here at Womb, they’re called “dreamers.” Hence a host of other creations equally inspired by many of the world’s wonders. The Crooked Forest armoire is largely inspired by Poland’s own crooked forest of twisted and oddly misshapen trees. Here though, the armoire is beautifully misshapen with its cobalt blue metallic facade and its network of brass support structures running to and fro along the base and the face of the doors. Inside, one finds ample dresser and drawer space for clothing, odds and ends.

Womb: "Crooked Forest" armoire; "Glencoe" drinkbar.

Womb: “Crooked Forest” armoire; “Glencoe” drinkbar.

The Glencoe drinkbar finds inspiration from Africa’s Glencoe Baobab trees. Rendered in hatch with a Ziricote wood veneer and another network of brass supports, the drinkbar will sit sturdily amongst your most cherished collections of red and white wines or malted whiskeys. Or it may modestly fade into the background of your most idyllic forest setting. But we think you’re more likely to install this in a lush interior rather than pose it outside with the bears and antelope.

Dreamer and innovator Pedro Teixeira has presented his work at a number of exhibits around the world. At Maison et Objet, Teixeira marks an ambitious step forward in bringing Womb to newer markets, calling it, “the beginning of everything.”