Maison et Objet | Adjao Maison Turns Trees Into Living Lamps

Partners Viviane Royer and Michel Philibert of Adjao Maison have been together professionally and romantically since 2008. Prior to that time, the two had separately dabbled in various endeavors in and out of the design community. But deep in the heart of Auvergne, France, where clouds roll over lush green plains high above sea level, there is a natural resource that serves as the singular inspiration for their collection: the forests.

Here’s a  lighting collection that is populated by trees. Imagine full-size lamps that bend over work desks, reach up to the ceiling and hold sentinel in the corner of your favorite salon, and tree trunks cut along the grain of their rings serve as lamp bases. The result is a constellation of lamps that are organic, functional and spiritual.

Adjao Maison is based in Auvergne France. Photo by Akil Wingate.

Nothing here has been stained or treated to enhance its appearance. The tree trunks are real and impressive. Almost as if lamp shades have been plopped down on cedars and oaks in the middle of the forest. Only now the forest is your office space, living room or other live/work space.

“We’ve received a very positive response in Japan and the United States.” Royer intimates. The lamps by nature of their composition enliven any sort of room and decor. At Maison et Objet, a variety of looks were juxtaposed against the lamps, everything from pristine metallic nightstands to mahogany work desks. “They’re versatile,” says Royer.

The Auvergne region has served as inspiration for Adjao Maison. Photo by Akil Wingate.

In keeping with a catalog of natural looks, Adjao Maison remains eco-friendly, leaving behind as subtle a carbon footprint as possible. Recycling and gently exploiting natural resources are a few of the methods at use in building these impressive lamps and accessories.


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