Paris Men’s Collections | Balmain: Fall/Winter 2016

Photo: Peter White/Getty Images.

Without ever having to compromise, Olivier Rousteing set the precedent once again for his Balmain army. The Fall/Winter 2016 Balmain collection was one for the record books. From drop crotch jacquard biker pants to mink topcoats, his collections will always and forever stand out far above the rest.

If all the celebs wearing the brand and one of the sickest Instagram profiles in existence isn’t proof enough, simply check the Balmain sales. It kind of unbelievable! Even Brice Butler (Wide Receiver/Dallas Cowboys) took in the show seated front row and he’s not even really into style. Or maybe he is… Either way, we can say with confidence, as Jay Z says, “Numbers don’t lie.” This brand is making major mulla. 

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This season Rousteing went for an over-the-top embellished look and used enough Swarovski crystals to keep that company in business for years to come. We’re talking men’s jackets encrusted with crystals and embroidery so ornate that they perfectly complemented the designs from the women’s pre-fall collection, of which a few were sprinkled into the show. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that men can actually outshine or at least comparatively shine as much as their female counterparts when it comes to fashion. Additional styles included kimono-inspired jackets, tailcoats with shiny gold buttons, a gold braid bomber jacket and loafers with zip-off quilter leather gaiters. Wearing these clothes would make any “Balmain man” feel like the “Prince of Paris”. 

Some pieces may have felt familiar because the designer delivered some of the same design codes used for the Balmain x H&M collaboration that caused mass hysteria in November 2015. Listen, its pretty simple, Rousteing has a way of taking casual clothes and turning them into the fashion statement of the year. It’s hard not to want at least one of his pieces to add to your collection. Even the designer himself walked in the show. Further proving his confidence in himself and defiance again any critics who try to come against the 30 year old designer.