London Collections Men | J.W. Anderson : Autumn/Winter 2016


As one of the most closely watched men’s collections of the season, J.W. Anderson rose to the occasion. With fast fashion and the speed at which today’s fashion trends seem to travel, Anderson is moving rapidly in all aspects and doesn’t plan to slow down one bit. Further noted as show goers were still being pushed and shoved into seats while the first look of the show hit the runway. Apparently in Anderson’s world (and to the misfortune of many other brands in the game), you’ve gotta keep the pace.

Established in 2008, the Northern Irish designer started with an elaborate collection of accessories and when that quickly attracted attention, he was able to quickly venture into creating his men’s and women’s collections. One could say that the speed at which the once fledgling label has become both critically acclaimed and commercially successful is the same pace at which he pushes out volumes of creativity and ideas on a regular basis. Now regarded as one of London’s most innovative and forward thinking brands, there’s no doubt that Anderson has a very unique design aesthetic and isn’t afraid to take not just steps, but leaps and bounds outside the box.

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As always, Anderson created thought provoking (sometimes a bit strange in origin) silhouettes that are at the very least conversation starters. There is a conscious cross-pollination between menswear and womenswear elements in this collection like cardigans that stretched to the knees and looks that induce a feeling reminiscent of Disney fantasy on sight. The cartoon printed pajama set, embroidered snails and Mad Hatter-esque shoes were not only daring and unique, the combinations were certifiably daring yet somehow it works. Oh, and don’t let the use of the snail fool you, Anderson status with a recent investment by LVMH Moët Hennessy has been further cemented as a rising, new-generation brand. In his case, slow and steady doesn’t win the race.