All About M.E. | Off The Rack Suits

Flecked Suit with Cashmere Sweater by Zara. $417.90.

The holiday season is finally coming to an end with the New Year. After buying gifts, traveling, and visiting family and friends, you are exhausted. As the white-checkered flag waves in the distance, take a moment and relish the New Year.

This is the one-day that you can set your path for the next 365 days. Start by becoming your ideal self in 2016 by feeling confident in the perfect suit.

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Many complain that a suit can be too formal. Instead, think of a suit as a way to gain attention and respect from others. Nowadays people are able to integrate suits with their unique personalities.

Detail-JCREW_Indochine-INTERIORDetails: Crosby Suit Jacket in Heathered Italian Wool Flannel by J. Crew, $425; Tan Flannel Herringbone Suit by Indochino, $375.

Brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Indochino make tailoring easy by offering different styles of off-the-rack suits. Once you find the perfect suit, you’ll feel like you can conquer the coming year.