The Primaries | Goldenrod Takes the Spotlight

Right and left may be political lifestyle descriptions (Republican or Democrat), but the direction takes on a different meaning when we leave the politics behind. Primary yellow takes on a new vibe when we tilt the color wheel toward red. The result may be a little off-putting at first, but let the style adventurer in you out, and integrate this rich hue into your wardrobe. 

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Whether you refer to it as mustard, maize, or gold — this iteration of the color yellow is surprisingly wearable, and it’s versatile in it’s applications. If you’re only ready to dabble, try a goldenrod knit hat, like this one from WESC, maybe just bring in a hint of it, like on a watch strap like this one from MVMT. But if you’re already convinced of the style move that’s ready for the taking, go bold with the Benny Gold Factory Premium Crewneck, or try some Burton snowboard pants that will be sure to stand out on the slopes.