The Best Five Wallets for Men

Photo: dogachov/Getty Images.

With the Christmas season upon us, gift cards, cash, and other wallet sized items are sure to fill the stockings. What if your husband, boyfriend, or even a friend needs a wallet? While making one is always an option, if you’re short on time, it won’t do.

There are many different options for a men’s wallet. Tri-fold, bi-fold, black, brown, price, and quality, not to mention brands, are all things that should be considered when looking at the best wallets for men. If you can’t afford the fancy designer price tag, you want to make sure you’re still getting a top quality wallet right?

Top 5 Wallets for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Brand Men’s Ranger Passcase Wallet

One of the most popular wallets for men is the Tommy Hilfiger brand Men’s Ranger Passcase Wallet. This is a bi-fold wallet – meaning it folds in half. The price ranges from $19 to $45, depending on where you buy the wallet. It comes in black, brown, and tan. The leather stands up well.

Dockers Men’s Extra Capacity Leather Wallet

Another good wallet for men is the Dockers Men’s Extra Capacity Leather Wallet, available in black and brown. Depending on where you buy it, it can cost between $18 and $26. The wallet has nine slots for credit cards, a pocket for bills, and an ID window. The wallet is meant to last, and last it will if well taken care of.

Radix One Slim Wallet

For the man who likes a slimmer wallet, the Radix one slim wallet can make a wonderful gift. It’s available in black/black, white/grey, and smoke/black. There is a strip that holds it shut running down the middle that comes in a contrasting color on two of the wallets. It can hold up to seven cards. Everyone can see your cash, so if paranoid about that, fold it into thirds and stick it between the credit cards.

RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet Card Case

If Radix is still too thick, Hammer Anvil offers an RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet Card Case. It can fit six cards as well as bills with ease. All you have to do is fold them up to fit within the pocket. Some have carried $250 in bills ranging from $1 to $20. The wallet is available in black, grey, and brown. If you have an ID card to slide or scan for work, it’ll have to be taken out of the ID slot, but the wallet holds a lot.

Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Bi-fold Wallet Removable Flip Up ID

For the man who loves the classic wallet feel, the Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Bi-fold Wallet Removable Flip Up ID Window will make a wonderful gift. There are seven card slots for the various credit and debit cards we all carry today, and there are two slots for bills or receipts. The wallet is available in black, distressed brown, brown, gray, and black wide.

Some wallets will wear faster than others, depending on how hard the user is on the wallet. In the end, these five wallets are the best men’s wallets to consider for gifting purposes. They’re not too expensive, if the right vendor is found, and the quality of the wallets is undeniable. Any recipient of these gifts will surely be ecstatic.