Stylish Streetwear Socks Make Waves

The new go-to accessory in menswear has gotten more interesting. While socks are obviously a mandatory staple, with new brands and styles in the market, they are on their way to becoming wardrobe fun, rather than just boring necessity.

Stance socks officially arrived on the scene with a bang, going from the new kid on the block, to the brand with partnerships with everyone from the NBA to Beavis & Butthead and, of course, Star Wars.  Happy Socks has consistently created stylish, work-ready footwear. Huf represents the socks you skate in, and Anenberg, made in the USA, brings throwback styles that would be the envy of Zack Morris and A.C. Slater.

Check them all out here, and then invest in a cool week’s worth. And remember, at some point, some day, you’ll have to take your shoes off at the door. Do so with confidence, because what’s underneath is even better than what was on the outside.