All About M.E. | Argyle Sweaters

Lambswool blend argyle V-neck sweater by Black Brown 1826.

What makes the holiday season so delicious? Around every corner is the fresh scent of roasted pumpkin, baked butternut squash, and warm apple pie. New York becomes the mecca of mouth-watering entrees and desserts. Food drives wanderers indoors to discover the beauty of fall/winter cuisine.

Natives hide in favorite restaurants like the candle lite Buceo 95, the jazz-filled La Lanterna di Vittorio, and the lush garden space in The Park. While enjoying rustic atmospheres and incredible dishes, people can feel even cozier wrapped in argyle sweaters, perfect for snuggling up to someone special at the dinner table.

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Before the popularity of this timeless design, argyle came from the tartan design used by the Clan Campbell of Argyll in western Scotland during the 1800s. It was later popularized when Pringle of Scotland knitted its argyle pattern, and was worn by the Duke of Windsor post WWI. It immediately became an iconic pattern.

Details: Rugger autumn jacquard sweater in Aspen Leaf by Gant, $142.50; Argyle ribbed-knit wool sweater in Blue by Etro, $760.

Decades later, argyle is still seen during men’s fashion shows including Dior Homme, AMI, Brioni, Missoni, and Marc Jacobs. With retro trending, argyle can be paired with tailored suits, athleisure style, and urban streetwear. It is an absolute necessity for the many savory winter meals to come.



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