YES | Time To Eat: Featuring Christine

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving Day weekend. It’s my favorite holiday – even though it was spawned by a ridiculous take-over wrapped up in a package of bullshit – because all you do is eat and lay around with your people for a long weekend, without having to scramble to buy presents or a multitude of other items deemed necessary by tradition. It also floats around my son Max’s Birthday, making the weekend even better.

Don’t get me wrong, I like all the holidays, even the lame ones. They’re kind of like big dinners, because for a short period of time we all have something huge in common: a pre-determined communal setting in which a variety of things can take place to heighten the moment. Like if you’re invited to a dinner with a large group and the food sucks tremendously, or someone pukes on the table. These incidents mark time and will hilariously be remembered as that dinner.

So while a lot of people get stressed out during these last couple of months of the year, remember that this is a period when we all have more in common with each other. A hurricane, a blackout, the holidays, these are the times when a feeling of community comes into play, and I dig it.

My super original idea was to do a sexy food story, but I didn’t, and while this story doesn’t have a lot to do with Thanksgiving, or the year-end holidays, there is something in the oven that conveniently ends up on the table…

So bring a big appetite.


Happy Birthday Max xoxo














Christine photographed by Michael Hoerner.

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