Man Experiences Real-Life Time Travel After Spending 44 Years in Prison

Otis Johnson had been in prison for 44 years, having spent more of his life behind bars than not. After being locked away for the attempted murder of a police officer at the age of 25, when he was released he was 69 years old, and the world looked notably different.

Al Jazeera released a short, 6-minute film of Otis offering his thoughts on how the world has changed since he was a young man, and his reactions to technological advancements such as iPhones and Bluetooth headsets are interesting to say the least. However, nothing seems to cause him to pause for thought as much as peanut and jelly co-existing within the same jar.

Otis appears to be more chilled out about his new surroundings than you’d imagine, though he still raises some concerns in regards to how people can see where they’re going as they’re walking whilst looking at their smartphones.

You can watch the video below, which is likely the closest we’ll get to seeing a man travel through time: