2015 Style Gift Guide: 10 Presents For The Fashionable

The Elf on the Shelf doesn’t have anything on these stylish presents that you could put under the Christmas tree of that special someone. (And by someone we mean best college bud, favorite new coworker – or slyly send the link for this article over to the girlfriend.) After all, a well thought-out present will last the test the time, as even if the goods eventually are upgraded, the memory of that amazingly good looking present will last forever.

A few of our favorite items to celebrate this holiday season include products from some of our most worn brands. Ensure that your gift gets some major mileage by giving a Nixon watch, one that is rugged yet timeless, and will absolutely look good with everything. For something a little less high brow that won’t break the bank, but will surely become a staple in any wardrobe, are black out Stussy sunglasses. And never forget, the fasted way to a stylish life, and surely the easiest way to please someone who is living it, is through a good ol’ flannel shirt – in which case Filson has you covered. 

Dig out the credit card and get to work – the big day is less than 40 away. 

2015 Style Gift Guide


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