Best Nightclubs In Miami

Miami is known for hot weather, hot bodies, and even hotter nightlife. The club options are out of this world, and the sheer number and quality of these Miami nightclubs puts Miami on par with any other club destination in the world. In fact, outside of Vegas, Miami is arguably the best destination in the world for nightlife.

Here are a few of the best nightclubs in Miami, in no particular order.

Best Clubs in Miami


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Basement takes you back to the time your parents used to drop you off at the skating rink or the bowling alley with friends. It’s an adult playground and while it’s definitely a night club, it features both a bowling alley and an ice rink – both of which serve booze. The loud and infectious top 40 and club hits fill the place, and the vibe is that of a high end nightclub all while offering some pretty amazing recreational activities for adults.

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Purdy Lounge


The music mixes some of your favorites from the last decade-plus, all while offering a separate room with reggae and Caribbean sounds for those looking for something decidedly more Miami. Purdy is always crowded, and one of our biggest gripes is that it allows smoking, but if you’re looking for a fun time on the beach, and one with reasonable drink prices, Purdy is the place to be.



Liv is more upscale than most nightclubs in Miami, and with that comes a big price tag for most items. For example, if you book a table, it could easily cost $1,000 or more. Now, with these big prices comes the best sound system in all of South Beach as well as huge Miami musical acts such as world-renowned DJs and the like. If you’re looking for the hottest people in Miami and want to rub elbows with some of the who’s who, this is definitely the spot to be. If you’re on a budget, there are much better options for you, and your wallet.


Photo: Trade Nightclub FB

If you’re looking for another spot that isn’t quite as fancy as Liv but offers up much of the same experience, Trade is your place. The dance floor is packed, the system sounds crisp and clear, and the DJs are playing some of your favorite house music with a bit more of a mellow flair than the offerings at other clubs, such as Liv. The drinks aren’t the cheapest in the world, but for a beachfront spot, they aren’t terrible either. The club itself is one of the more spacious offerings on the beach, and the staff is always amazing. Check it out for yourself.

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