New Prank Musical Gift Card Won’t Stop Playing Until the Battery Dies

A range of prank musical gift cards that won’t stop playing until the battery dies has been successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

The cards, titled ‘Joker Greeting,’ boast a battery life of 3+ hours and cover a range of different seasonal holidays and celebrations, from birthdays through to anniversaries. But people won’t be buying these cards due to them featuring a sappy message inside, nor because they have adorable pictures of kittens on them (though that is also true), but because when opened they don’t stop playing whatever annoying jingle is inside of them.

If that wasn’t downright evil enough, then the card also increases its volume every time the user presses it in an attempt to turn it off

For instance, this baby shower card replays the sound of a baby crying over and over again until you seriously start to question why you’re having a baby in the first place:

And then there’s this ‘Thinking of You’ card, which plays the sound of a car alarm going off for 3 hours. We’d suggest you don’t send this to offer your respects to someone who’s just lost a loved one:

The prank gift cards, created by designers Travis and Nick Peterson, have already passed their $10,000 Kickstarter goal with 55 days left to go, so it looks like this cruel invention is going to be very popular with the sadists out there.

Backers can receive one of the gift cards for $12, with an estimated delivery of March 2016 (they’ll inevitably be available much more swiftly once the Kickstarter campaign is over). Find out more right here