These Moldable Earbuds Won’t Fall Out of Your Ears (And They’re On Sale Now)

Moldable Wireless Earphones at a 33 percent discount.

Okay, we’ll admit that AirPods are great, but we’re a little sick of seeing those dangling white pearls hanging from everyone’s ears. Imagine an even more evolved pair of earphones that you could shape into the exact fit of your ears, a pair that won’t mess up your rhythm by slipping out of your sweaty ears while you work out. Sounds good, right? Now, what if we told you that you could get said pair at a fraction of the price of Apple’s AirPods? If you’re already drooling over this deal, read on to get your mind blown.

We’re talking about the Custom Moldable Wireless Earphones by sound gods, Decibullz. Yes, they’re literally gods because they answered your prayers for wireless headphones that won’t fall out of your ears and get lost forever. All you have to do to get a custom fit is heat the thermo-fit earpieces in water and mold them into the shape of your ear. Check it out:

Not only are the earbuds super easy to use, but they also have insanely high built-in hearing protection that goes all the way up to 31 NRR. These little sound masters also have superior noise isolation and instant Bluetooth 5.0 pairing.

But there’s even more to the wireless Decibullz earphones. These bad boys are also waterproof, which is great for those workout sessions where you’re all pumped up and ready to sweat it out. Oh, and you also don’t need to worry about them running out of battery and killing your vibe, because the moldable earphones have a 24-hour battery life with the included charging case.

We’re not the only ones going crazy for Decibullz — just check out their original Kickstarter page which surpassed its funding goal and then some. The best part is that they’re now fully out of production and available at a 33 percent discount on the $149 price tag. Experience a different wave of sound for a cool $98.99.

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