Watch Of The Week | Nixon Sentry Chrono

Nixon Sentry Chrono in Gray/Gator.

Those in the know, who’ve frequented Paris’ uber chic Rue St. Honoré, are quite familiar with the boutique men’s shops that cater to the kind of man that craves beauty and elegance in all that he does, all that he wears, and all that he possesses.The results typically are the kind of clichés one finds in the pages of a slick fashion magazine. There’s Omega, Tissot, Fossil…

And then there’s Colette, a boutique for this very same kind of man, who doesn’t quite completely abandon his rugged urges for a refined life of elegance. The window display is populated by a constellation of beautiful watches. With so many to choose from, our pick for Watch Of The Week is truly one of a kind. The Nixon Sentry Chrono is not bling, nor mere tick-tock hickory-dock. It’s a marriage of the traditional design culture that kept your granddad’s timepiece ticking with the modern-day urban chic blessed by the latest innovations in tech.

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Today’s man isn’t complicated. And neither is his watch. The incarnation of the Sentry Chrono available at Colette – with gray face and gator bands – is sized at 21mm and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It’s minute hand, second hand and numbers are a peach sunset color offset against a charcoal face. You’ll also find it equipped with date and three chronograph faces set in chocolate. Stainless steel, leather and quartz all mesh together to bring a full-bodied composition to this beauty of a watch.

Nixon Sentry Chrono in Gunmetal, $350.


What don’t you wear it with? Anyone? Anyone? Exactly. There is no answer to that question. Like our previous watch picks, this darling simplifies your life. Black tux and chauffeured car? Check. Fitted Houston Rockets cap, stretch tee and your favorite jeans? Check. Rolled up shirt sleeves and pleated trousers for that board meeting from hell? Check, check and emphatically pass the check!

If you invest in one singular mid-market watch, here’s your starter. It retails from around $260 to $350, definitely making it one of the best watches under $500. Should you want a style that’s slightly more straightforward but equally masculine, try out the Sentry Chrono in All Gunmetal. Seeking to project a sense of strength and fashionable subtlety? Look for the version in Gray with Rose Gold. 

Nixon Sentry Chrono in Gray/Rose Gold, $350.

Again, you can pair this with everything, but don’t distract from the simple boldness of a good watch by coupling it with a number of cumbersome bracelets. Keep it simple and rock just the watch itself, it will do all the heavy lifting. 

Images courtesy of Nixon.


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